From sketch pad to manufacture, sales to after-sales service, DS provides a comprehensive and complete service.

DS Lockers and Cabinets customers benefit from a design process that utilises the vast experience that has been gained from many years of manufacturing as well as continued investment in modern technology.



We meet all your product requirements including a standard product; a standard product with tailored parts; or a wholly custom-built product.

All products use premium materials and are assembled in-house for greater attention to detail and quality control. DS Lockers and Cabinets is strongly committed to design and actively seeks to maintain leadership in innovation within the industry.


DS specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of quality lockers and cabinets for schools, hospitals, sporting clubs, offices and warehousing.

With a background in engineering, urban design, architecture, and industrial design, DS Lockers and Cabinets are recognised for our range of world-class products.


Why Choose Us


Our Experience is Second To None

DS have been manufacturing right here in Australia for years.  Our achievements reflect our commitment to using only the very best materials, designs and construction.

Value for Money

Our costs are reduced through smart product design and efficient manufacturing processes. We maintain quality premium materials and finishes across our range.

Superior Construction and Durability

DS have been manufacturing products for decades that last for decades and the Commercial Locker Series is the embodiment of what it takes to withstand the daily use and abuse typically given to a locker.  Reinforced doors and plates, which are up to 4 times the thickness of other lockers, heavy duty locking bars, stainless steel hasp and staples are just some of numerous features that are incorporated to ensure superior durability.


Environmentally responsible

All our products are made in Australia with sustainably sourced materials. Our designs ensure long-lasting and durable products that require minimal maintenance.

We have everything you need

Choose from our expansive range of products, modify or custom-build products to suit your needs, or simply mix and match design parts for a unique result.


Discussing your project in its early stages saves valuable time and resources on the finished product.

Get in touch with us now to see how we can help. No job is too big or too small.

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