DS provides complete engineered environmental product solutions in the geosynthetic and stormwater management fields.

The DS range of Rainsmart products include high quality, high strength 30mm Nero Drainage Cell, Ellipse tank Modules, Nero Pave Permeable Paving, Green Wall systems from selected industrial recycled PP to the highest industry standards.



Our product range covers 50mm grass and gravel Nero Pavers for permeable carpark and traffic surface. 30mm Nero Drainage Cell for subsurface drainage and irrigation for roof and podium gardens. Sub-soil Ellipse Modular drainage tank modules for underground Retention, Infiltration and Stormwater Detention tanks.

LandscapingCivil EngineeringEnvironmental
Rainwater HarvestingHorizontal DrainageInfiltration Tanks
Roof GardenVertical DrainageDetention Tanks
Permeable PavingRoad DrainageUrban Design
Vertical GardenRailway DrainageLeachate Collection
Ecological Channels
Stormwater Harvesting



Stormwater as a resource

By adopting a range of water sensitive design techniques our integrated approach regards stormwater as a resource rather than a burden and considers all aspects of runoff within a development, including environmental social and cultural issues.

Water sensitive urban design

offers a point source solution and an alternative to the traditional conveyance approach to stormwater management. It seeks to minimise the extent of impervious surfaces and mitigate changes to the natural water balance, through the approach of principles of zero contamination and zero discharge, by creating permeable surfaces, on-site reuse of the water and groundwater recharge systems.

Enhancing the urban landscape

Managing urban run-off in a water sensitive manner not only resolves problems associated with stormwater, but it enhances the social and environmental amenity of the urban landscape. Reducing peak flows and maintaining a more natural stormwater system can also potentially reduce capital and maintenance costs of drainage infrastructure costs




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